Thursday, December 6, 2007

Photoshop TOP Secrets 4 DVD Training Packs + BONUS DVD

How to Become a Photoshop "Black Belt"-Fast!

Just released by Mark Monciardini, Photoshop® Top Secret™ is an Extreme Training Course that teaches you, step by step, how to create cutting-edge graphics and special effects with Adobe® Photoshop®. This student-friendly home study course includes four DVD-ROMs with over 16 gigabytes of video tutorials and project files. It also comes with a full-color gallery book (printed, not pdf) that shows the end result of each project in the course. You can look, learn, practice, and master these advanced techniques wherever you may be, without the need for expensive classes or tutors.

Create Posters, Movie Covers, Surreal Graphics and More!

The course will teach you how to become the ultimate Photoshop® "black belt" for fun and/or profit. You'll learn how to create top-level special effects for eye-catching movie posters, album covers, book jackets, brochures, mailing pieces, magazine covers, article illustrations, and a tremendously wide range of print ads and Web site graphics.

Movie Poster Design I
Create a popular people montage seen
on many movie posters.

Movie Poster Design II
Take an ordinary house and turn it into a
Sci-fi Movie Poster.

Movie Poster Credits
Tips and tricks on creating a real “Credit Block”
for movie posters.

Dark Faces
How I created my creepy Image that has been
in Magazines and Ads.

Breaking Apart
Create the illusion that a face is
falling apart.

Dream Scene Montage
Create an elephant with wings and
place it into a futuristic world.

Stone Portrait
Create a “Stone Bust” out of a portrait
for a killer special effect.

Surreal Images
Create a creamy foggy mist over
water and rocks.

Dream Skin
Create a fantasy woman with henna
art and dream skin.

Special Effects
Learn how to create orbs, fireballs
and jellyfish like creatures.

Painting a Portrait
Digitally paint a portrait from a
photographic reference.

Swapping Faces
How to take the face from one photo
and place it into a completely different one.

Pop Art
Turn a Photograph into artwork
that was popular in the mid 1950’s.

Applying Tattoos
How to apply henna and tattoos to skin.

Masking Fur
Seamlessly remove the background
from furry animals.

Vanishing Point
What Vanishing Point is and how
to edit images with perspective.

Web Graphics
Learn how to create commonly
used web graphics and screen shots.

Shattered Type
Create the illusion that text
is being shattered like glass.

Flower Greeting Card
Use the vector tools in Photoshop to
create an elegant looking Greeting Card.

Creating DVD Covers
Mark shows you exactly how he created
the Photoshop Top Secret DVD covers.

Flying out of Bounds
Create the classic “out of bounds” effect
with a very cool masking trick.

Reaching out of Bounds
Creating the illusion of arms and
hands reaching out of a picture frame.

Chocolate Milk Frog
How to make a frog covered in chocolate.

Covered with Wax
Choose an object and cover it
with melting wax.

Grunge Look
Create a unique grunge background
that can be used for almost anything.

Square Fruit
Play with mother nature by changing
the shape of fruit.

Invisible Man
How to make a person vanish from
their clothing.

Metal Collage
How to create a Robot with pieces of a
Photo and then place it into another world.

Morphing Creatures
Morph animals and reptiles together
to create interesting creatures.

Using Layer Comps
How to create multiple layouts in
one Photoshop file using Layer Comps.

Vector Art Portrait
Turn a Photograph into beautiful
vector art.

Dreamy Background
Create Sci-fi looking spiral

Liquid Metal
The ultimate Liquid metal technique
that can be applied to text and objects.

Create Psychedelic and Natural Smoke
to incorporate into your artwork.

Soap Bubbles
Use soap bubbles to add flair to
your projects.

Water Bubbles
Use these water bubbles to infuse
imagination into your projects.

Underwater Scene
Create an underwater illusion with
just the tools in Photoshop.

Swap Animal Skin
Take skin from one animal and
place it over another.

Stylized Character
Turn a sketch into colorful art.

Masking Mastery
Special video that explains many masking
techniques used by the pros.

Tech Info: Video tutorials stream off the DVD-Roms using Adobe Flash technology. Videos have stereo sound and run at 12 to 15 frames per section. Stop, Play pause and video scrub controls are available at all times.



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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Creatas® Images - Four Seasons I & II

Creatas® Images - Four Seasons I & II

CD1 Fall & Winter: Sprinkle some seasoning fun over the snow and leaves. Whether catching snowflakes in your mouth or putting a pumpkin on your head, there's always a time for cheerful play.
CD2 Spring & Summer: Catch some spring fever with a fishing rod or golf club before the mild warmth turns into the full-swing hot fun of summer.

Total 150 JPEG | 4200x4200 Pixels | 300 dpi RGB | RS & ES & FF

Sunday, November 25, 2007

FlyArtBox - Floral & Ornamental Borders and Tiles 1

1 AI&EPS | 5MB

FlyArtBox - Floral & Ornamental Borders and Tiles 2

1 AI&EPS | 3MB

FlyArtBox - Floral & Ornamental Borders and Tiles 3

1 AI&EPS | 14 MB

FlyArtBox - Floral & Ornamental Borders and Tiles 4

1 AI&EPS | 4MB

FlyArtBox - Floral & Ornamental Borders and Tiles 5

FlyArtBox - Floral & Ornamental Borders and Tiles 5 | 1 AI&EPS | 4MB

New Age Wallpapers

New Age Wallpapers
20 Files | JPG | 1024x768 | 5MB

F1 Cars Wallpapers

F1 Cars Wallpapers

| 54 Images | JPG | 1600x1200 and 1280x1024 | 9 MB |


The Milky Way Map, Laminated

This computer-generated image of the Milky Way shows the entire galaxy in one perspective of a 3-D model compiled specially for National Geographic.

The model incorporates the positions of hundreds of thousands of stars and nebulae within the galaxy, shows Earth's location, and includes additional photographs, descriptions and locations of fascinating phenomena throughout the Milky Way.

20" x 31"

Solar System Laminated 1981

The Solar System, Our Sun's Family has two sides. Side one includes a description of how our solar system was formed, and shows a map of our solar system, with each planet's orbit in relation to the Sun and to the other planets. Interesting facts and figures accompany each planet's description. Side two is a stunning poster that shows images of each planet.

24" x 18"

The Universe Map, Laminated

As far as we can see with our ever-improving telescopes, there are at least a hundred billion galaxies arrayed throughout the universe. Each, like the Milky Way, is an "island universe" containing billions of stars.

This map uses graphic "leaps of scale" to show how our solar system fits within the vastness of the universe. The map also includes a universe timeline and a description of its evolution.

20" x 31"

World Physical and Ocean Floor Map, Laminated

This map features the Winkel Tripel projection and highlights the Earth's land and undersea forms with exquisite hand-painted relief. Includes two inset maps depicting the Earth's crust and world climatic zones.

44" x 30"
Scale: 1 inch = 523 miles

World Political Map

njoy the accuracy and beauty of the latest world map from the cartographers at National Geographic. This map features the Winkel Tripel projection to reduce distortion of land masses as they near the poles. Features include subtle border coloring on land, and prevailing winds and ocean currents at sea. Separate insets show the North and South Polar Regions, world vegetation and land use, and world population density.

43" x 30"
Scale: 1 inch = 614 miles
© 2002

World Political Map (Earth-toned), Laminated

rich, earth-toned colors. Astounding detail and board room quality makes this map excellent for reference in your home or in the office. Features the Winkel Tripel projection to reduce distortion of land masses as they near the poles. .

Winner of the 2001 Premier Print Award from Printing Industries of America for "a unique ability to create visual masterpieces"
Winner of the 2002 Best Reference Map from the American Congress on Surveying & Mapping
43" x 30"
Scale: 1 inch = 614 miles

National Geographic Maps Full Sizes And Natural Colors

National Geographic Maps Full Sizes And Natural Colors
Uploaded by Dominik

World Satellite Map, Laminated

The most accurate map of Earth's surface ever produced from satellite data. This laminated computer-generated composite map draws from more that 500 satellite images to give one-kilometer detail and consistent representation of natural colors.

43" x 30"
Scale: 1 inch = 614 miles

Believe Wallpapers

XP Orange Edition Windows Blinds

Mission Aurora VS Windows Blinds Theme

Saturday, November 24, 2007

3D House from masters

Great 3D House from masters - 3 Mb
HI here is images of 3dsmax and vray masters work

please download it i need your help pleasee

Artzmania 7 Magazine

Artzmania 7 exclusive painting issue - 37 Mb

M4a1an Pws4

M4a1an Pws4 - 0.5 Mb
It is render in vray 3dsmax 9 and its gameready with 3ds,max9,obj,Direct X 3d file formats with textures